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Our team relies on two main communication channels in order to promote its work and to disseminate its ideas for the purpose of transparency and knowledge transfer.


Published on a semi-annual basis, the Data for Society Hub (DSH) bulletin seeks to inform the academic community and the general public of the latest developments in this project while also sharing events and resources related to data governance. Join the mailing list.

  • Summer 2022
    DSH Summer Newsletter​​​​​

  • Fall 2021
    DSH Bulletin — Fall 2021

  • Spring 2021
    DSH Bulletin — Spring 2021


The DSH blog provides special insight into the activities and ideas that underpin this technological endeavour. Blog posts are published on a regular basis to offer updates on the status of the project, as well as conversations with contributing participants. Read us on Medium or access our latest posts in English below.


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