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The Data for Society Hub (DSH) is developing a digital platform to gain insight into the specific challenges and needs of Montréal’s communities. It focuses on the creation of a data governance model that guarantees the ethical and legal viability of its use, in compliance with the expectations and principles established by the City of Montréal in its Digital Data Charter (2020).

The proposed solution includes three components:

Using data to help society

As its name suggests, the DSH is interested in social data, i.e. data that concern social issues and contribute to informing the stakeholders called upon to address them. This data can be economic, administrative, real estate, geographical, etc.

Data (both quantitative and qualitative) become “social” through an analytical process aimed at learning more about the communities inhabiting a territory. This requires leveraging all available and relevant data on these communities and this territory.

The social data of interest to the partnership are derived from multiple sources: open data from the City of Montréal, academic work, statistics from partner organizations, cultural productions, and new data derived from cross-referencing and analyzing public data sets.

Currently, the public, parapublic, and community sectors generally perform their data collection and processing activities in silos, with limited resources. This is the technological and organizational gap that we want to fill.

Establish sharing and usage rules

The DSH is responsible for the design and implementation of a data governance framework as a system of standards and rules for decision-making on sharing and using data. It must take into account the needs and objectives of the project as well as of its partners. This work is being supported by OpenNorth.

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