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Published: 2Dec2021
Pôle d’analyse de données sociales. Data for Society Hub

The Data for Society Hub (DSH) teams is proud to present the brand-new website of this project led by McGill University’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montréal (CIRM).

Here you will find a detailed overview of the DSH’s mission and structure, its three modules, resources on governance issues and data science, as well as news and publications on the progress of the work.

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Site map

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  2. About
    1. Teams*
    2. Partners*
    3. Decision-making committee*
  3. Project modules*
    1. Commun Axiom*
    2. Montréal Observatory of Social Issues*
    3. Laboratory for Collective Narratives and Discourse Analysis*
  4. Publications
    1. Bulletin
    2. Blog
  5. Toolkit*
  6. Contact

* In French only; English translation to come.

About the DSH

Spearheaded by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montréal (CIRM), the Data for Society Hub (DSH) is developing a digital platform to gain insight into the specific issues and needs of Montréal’s communities. This infrastructure will be sustained by Montréal’s academic sector, municipal government, and local community organizations. It is a tool for collective intelligence that aims to increase our ability to analyze complex social phenomena.

The project is based on a data partnership in which members collaborate with CIRM to define the functions, processes, legal, technological, and governance aspects of the proposed solution. In this context, CIRM has partnered with Centraide of Greater MontréalMontréal’s Regional Director of Public Health, Montréal’s Department of Diversity and Social Inclusion, and the Montréal Food System Council.

The DSH is one of 13 projects coordinated by the Montréal Urban Innovation Lab (MUIL) as part of Montréal in Common, the local component of the Smart Cities Challenge.

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