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The teams listed on this page reflect the configuration for July 2022. Their respective compositions may shift over the next few years as the Data for Society Hub (DSH) continues to evolve.


Role Name


Pascal Brissette 

Project Coordinator

Karolyne Arseneault 

Project Manager

Esmaël Mourtaza

Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator

Audray Fontaine 

Solutions Architect

Luc Véronneau 

Digital Resources Manager

Julien Vallières 

Communications Assistants

Julie Levasseur

Sara Selma Maref

Angelina Mazza

The DSH is represented within Montréal in Common by Patrick M. Lozeau, Innovation and Open Data Advisor at the Montréal Urban Innovation Lab. The coordination team would like to thank CIRM Administrative Assistant Elissa Kayal and Mirella Bino, Financial Administrator of the McGill Research Financial Management Service, for their invaluable help.

Technology infrastructure and development

Role Name
Solutions Architect

Luc Véronneau 

Back-End Developers

Mohammad Moshawrab

Wesley Phillip Van Wyk

Business Intelligence Developer

Arina Vincter

Full-Stack Developer

Saeh Panahifar

Laboratory for Collective Narratives and Discourse Analysis

Role Name


Pascal Brissette 

Coordinator and Digital Resources Manager

Julien Vallières 

Research Assistants

Yu Chen Shi

Elisabeth Doyon

Amélie Ducharme

Lisa Teichmann


Role Name
Data Governance and Design Manager

Jonathan van Geuns

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