Owis Eilayyan

Owis Eilayyan
Graduated Phd Student

B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD (Rehabilitation Science)



The impact of interdisciplinary team care for Chronic Pain on patient and clinical outcomes

Areas of expertise: 

Owis Eilayyan completed a Bachelor degree in physical therapy in 2006, two masters (Physiotherapy, 2009; Rehabilitation Science, 2012) and defended his PhD thesis in Rehabilitation Science in 2017 at McGill University under Dr. Sara Ahmed’s supervision. He worked as a physiotherapist for 4 years and as a professor’s assistant for 2 years. Owis has worked on and completed five projects: “Predictors of Perceived Asthma Control over time in primary care clinic (2012)", "Predictors of Perceived Asthma Control over time in specialist clinic (2012)”, “An Extended Exercise Program Post Hip Fracture Improves Patients’ Physical Functioning: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis (2011)", "Differences in Quality of Life in patients with stroke based on side of lesion, age and gender" (2009), and "Risk factors of CVA in Jordan" (2006). Owis work consisted in optimizing the application of patient reported outcomes (PROs) in clinical practice.

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