Pathology Student Society (PSS)

Pathology Student Society (PSS)

Pahology's own PGSA (Post-Graduate Student Association) represented within the PGSS (Post-Graduate Student Society)

Our mission is to represent the best interests of the students of the Pathology Graduate Department in decisions and proceedings made by PGSS. Through social and academic events, we also hope to offer support to Pathology students by creating a larger sense of community within our Department.

Pathology Student Society Committee

Current Committee Members:

President - Kim Tran

VP Financial Affairs - Julia Messina-Pacheco

VP Communications - Vincent Lacasse

VP Internal Affairs - Emmanuel Nassrallah

VP External Affairs - Sarah Tadhg Ferrier

VP Academic - Prisca Bustamantealvarez

VP Social - Aaron Ju

(front row: Prisca; Julia; Kim; Emmanuel; back row: Vincent; Tadhg; Aaron )

Former Committee Members

President - Kim Tran

VP Finance - Julia Pacheco

VP Internal - Paulina Garcia de Alba Graue

VP External - Peter Younan

VP Communications - Vincent Lacasse

VP Academics - Luc Boulianne


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