Transferring from MSc to PhD

As an MS.c student, you can transfer to the Ph.D. program if:

1. You have a GPA > 3.5 out of 4.0 at the Masters level
2. You have the recommendation of your Advisory Committee that you are an appropriate candidate for PhD studies.
3. You must have completed a minimum of 2 full-time terms in the Master's program (excluding the summer term) and up to a maximum of 4 full-time terms.
4. You have completed or is in the process of completing, at the time of application, the 9 course credits required and at least one of the core courses ( for example: PATH 613/620 PATH 614/622)

*M.Sc. students who wish to pursue a PhD degree but who have not obtained the minimum 3.5 GPA in their M.Sc. course work while in the Department must submit a Master's thesis and then apply for the Ph.D. level afterwards.

Steps to transfer:

Submit Ph.D. Thesis Proposal and present to Advisory Committee.
Advisory Committee recommends proceeding with the thesis proposal approval form should be sent to gradstudies.pathology [at] 1 month before the application deadline.
Notify gradstudies.pathology [at] of your intent to transfer in order to receive permission to apply to the Fast Track PhD. Then submit an application as a Fast Track applicant on UApply. (NB. if you are transferring to the PhD, you do not have to submit any supporting documents or pay the application fee.)

A candidate for transfer must submit an application to the Fast Tracking Program according to normal procedures and deadlines.

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