Combined Programs

M.D. and Ph.D. double program

Students interested in a research career in academic medicine may wish to apply for admission to the joint M.D. & Ph.D. program. This is a seven-year program in which the basic and clinical sciences portion of the medical curriculum are completed from September of Year One to December 31 of Year Two, prior to the beginning of full-time graduate studies. The latter are expected to last three, but no more than four, years by which time all course work and the research requirements for the Ph.D. degree must have been completed and a thesis submitted. The defense of the thesis will ordinarily take place at a later date. From January of Year Five to May of Year Seven, students will complete the requirements for the M.D. degree. Throughout the seven years, students in the M.D. & Ph.D. program meet each Thursday evening during the academic year to discuss their research, hear research seminars from clinician-scientists, and network with other students in the program.

Once accepted to the M.D. & Ph.D. program and during the first year of the combined program, students begin the process of choosing a supervisor and research laboratory for their Ph.D. studies.  With the help of the M.D. & Ph.D. Program Advisory Committee, students must choose a supervisor and department for their Ph.D. studies by September of Year Two and be accepted for admission to graduate studies by McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Required Courses

PATH 613 Research Topics in Pathology 1 (3 credits)

PATH 614 Research Topics in Pathology 2 (3 credits)

PATH 620 Research Seminar 1 (3 credits)

PATH 622 Research Seminar 2 (3 credits)

PATH 701 Comprehensive Examination (0 credits)12

12 credits

Complementary Courses


Three of the following 3 credits courses

PATH 504 Disease in Depth (3 credits)

PATH 607  Biochemical Biology of Disease  (3 credits)

PATH 652 Molecular Biology of Disease  (3 credits)

PATH 653  Reading & Conference  (3 credits)

To accommodate the requirements of the joint program, one or more approved 500-, 600-, or 700-level courses in another biomedical discipline may be substituted for a graduate course in Pathology

9 credits

Thesis & Clinical Rotations


Please note:  Those currently enrolled in the first year of the medical curriculum at McGill or are PhD 2 or higher are not eligible to apply for the M.D.,C.M., PhD program.

Clinical Investigator Program

This allows a combination of research and clinical training, at the end of which the candidate will be able to fulfill the Royal College requirements in Anatomical Pathology and also complete a research thesis to obtain a PhD in Pathology.  Detailed information on the goals, requirements and application procedures can be found at: and


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