Dr. Alexander Gregorieff current research interests stem from his doctoral thesis in the lab of Dr. Hans Clevers in the Netherlands. During this time, he studied the Wnt/Tcf pathway and its role in driving intestinal development and homeostasis. Next, he moved to Toronto to pursue his postdoctoral training in the lab of Dr. Jeff Wrana at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute. Here, he became interested in studying the role of the Hippo signaling effector, Yap, in intestinal stem cells during regeneration and cancer initiation. In 2017, Dr. Gregorieff was appointed assistant professor in the department of pathology at McGill University.  His future research goals will be to study the role of the Hippo pathway in stromal cells during gut homeostasis and tumorigenesis.  Secondly, he is also interested in dissecting the signals underlying cellular plasticity of adult stem cells. To achieve these goals, he is currently developing a broad range of genetic tools including Cre-lox based mice for gene targeting and lineage tracing experiments, as well as ex vivo organoid culture systems.

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