Currently, the Department has 11 Professors, 16 Associate Professors, 29 Assistant Professors, 13 Associate Members as well as 1 Adjunct Professor (see our Faculty web page for details). Our research laboratories are located on the main university campus in downtown Montreal as well as in several of the McGill research centers and institutes.  To find a  research supervisor, candidates must first apply to the program, and if accepted by the Graduate Students Committee, we then work to match the research interests of the candidate with a research director and laboratory, to provide an optimal experience for every student.  Because research on disease covers a broad range of disciplines and techniques,  we  encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and when appropriate we can arrange  co-supervision with a faculty member from another department.  We also encourage links to our clinical faculty, to facilitate translation of experimental results into knowledge and procedures that are directly relevant to patient care. 


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