Department Annual Retreat 2017

The 5th departmental retreat was held on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at the traditional Intercontinental Hotel in Old Montreal. Fifty staff members attended this important annual event.  Dr. Samuel Benaroya gave the opening remarks.  Dr. Zu-hua Gao then delivered his "Chair’s Report", providing a thorough assessment of departmental achievements over the last year in the areas of clinical service, education, research and administration.  He also acknowledged the departmental commitment to further advance our Graduate Study Program and the plans to establish an Experimental Pathology Unit.  Echoing Dr. Gao’s speech, Drs. Rene Michel; Edith Zorychta; Jason Karamchandani; and Alan Spatz also gave reports with emphasis on the undergraduate medical teaching program the graduate program, the resident training program and the research program respectively.  Presentations and discussions were capped with Dr. Andre Dascalh highlighting the prospect of a new Optilab structure.  Here are the presentations and some of the exciting moments that we have captured.




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