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Physical Activity and Health

Welcome to the McGill Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health (PATH)

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The PATH seminars and annual PATH symposium aims to connect researchers and promote interdisciplinary projects.

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The McGill Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health (PATH) is a unique collaboration of interdisciplinary researchers addressing the intersection of physical activity and health.

Important Updates

  • PATH is pleased to announce that it will host its 6th annual symposium entitled Optimizing Musculoskeletal Health in an Aging Population on Wednesday, October 23, 2019.

    Musculoskeletal health is critical for maintaining mobility, independence and well-being as we age. Exercise and nutrition can help protect and restore muscle and bone strength and are promising strategies in the prevention and treatment of prevalent age-related musculoskeletal conditions including osteoporosis, sarcopenia, and fractures. 

    This edition of the PATH symposium will (i) engage researchers, clinicians, educators, and trainees from a variety of disciplines including Kinesiology, Geriatric Medicine, Human Nutrition, and Endocrinology & Metabolism; and (ii) showcase emerging musculoskeletal health and aging research through a series of presentations that address the following themes:

    - Fundamental determinants of musculoskeletal aging and health;
    - Influence of exercise and nutrition on muscle, bone and joint health;
    - Clinical management of musculoskeletal disorders in an aging population;
    - Exercise and nutrition programming for older adults in health care and community settings.

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