Seminar Series Winter 2011

Seminar Series, Winter 2011

Raymond 4-045 Friday 11:30 am
Macdonald Campus, McGill University

January 14 Nick Patocka Institute of Parasitology
January 21 Normand Cyr Institute of Parasitology
The Role of Leishmania donovani PEX14 Hydrophobic Region in the Attachment to the Membrane of the Glycosome

Virginnie Barrère Institute of Parasitology
Ivermectin and benzimidazole resistance of gastro intestinal nematodes in ovine farms in Ontario -Two methods of detection of benzimidazole resistance
January 28 Bibiana Gonzalez Institute of Parasitology
Recombinant Schistosoma mansoni Cathepsin B as a potential immunodiagnostic reagent for human schistosomiasis
February 4 Dayal Dasanayake Institute of Parasitology
Identification of Toxoplasma gondii factor(s) responsible for inhibition of IFN gamma mediated upregulation of MHC Class II on bone marrow derived macrophages

Carli Halpenny Institute of Parasitology
Spatial and social factors influencing child health in rural Panamá
February 11 Martin Olivier McGill University
How to Dodge the Innate Immune Response? A Lecture by Dr. Leish and Mr. Hyde…
February 18 Lisa Starr Institute of Parasitology
Effects of maternal GI nematode infection and malnutrition on fetal immune development and function

Pablo Godoy Institute of Parasitology
Haemonchus contortus ABC transporters involved in Macrocyclic lactones resistance
February 25 Patrick Skelly Tufts University
Functional Characterization of the Schistosome Surface
March 4 Dave Richard Université Laval
Dissecting the mechanisms involved in malaria invasion of human erythrocytes.
March 11 Kevin MacDonald Institute of Parasitology
Acetylcholine-gated chloride channels in Schistosoma mansoni
March 18 Karen Geukers Institute of Parasitology
Characterization of CFF in the sera of Plasmodium-infected mice
March 25 Buddy Ullman Oregan Health and Science University
Purine metabolism in protozoans
April 1 Hamed Shatiri Institute of Parasitology
A systems approach towards functional annotation of the genome of Trypanosoma brucei
April 8 Nelly El Sakkary Institute of Parasitology
Characterization of the Novel Schistosomal Receptors SmGPR-2 and SmGPR-3

Elizabeth Ruiz Institute of Parasitology
Dilemmas in the in vivo and in vitro deorphanization of C. elegans FLP-GPCRs
April 15
Louis-Philippe Leroux Institute of Parasitology
Subversion of MHC-II antigen presentation by Toxoplasma gondii is mediated by the upregulation of the MHC-II associated invariant chain
April 22 No Seminar
April 29 Sheila Donnelly University of Technology, Sydney
Immunomodulation by the helminth parasite Fasciola hepatica
May 6 Rushini Perera Institute of Parasitology
May 13 Manal Hassan Institute of Parasitology
May 20 Smriti Kala Institute of Parasitology