Fall 2020

Seminar Series, Fall 2020

Zoom Link, Friday 11:30 am
Macdonald Campus, McGill University

September 11 Institute Staff Institute of Parasitology
Orientation for new and returning students
September 18 Jennifer Keiser Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute Basal, Switzerland
Novel Treatments for Schistosomiasis and Soil‐Transmitted Helminthiases
September 25 Marilyn Scott Institute of Parasitology
Tips for Seminar Presentations and Zoom
October 2 Robin Beech Institute of Parasitology
Academic Integrity
Vicky MuiseInstitute of Parasitology
Lab Notebooks
October 9 Jasmine Chong Institute of Parasitology
Enhancing the Interpretation of Untargeted Metabolomics Data to Investigate Metabolic Dysregulation in Blood-Stage Malaria
Sophia Noel Institute of Parasitology
Does a maternal Heligmosomoides bakeri infection influence offspring memory, neurodevelopment and resistance to infection?
October 16 Irah King Microbiology & Immunology, McGill University
Type 2 Immunity vs Helminths: Tales from the Crypt
October 23 Sohini Kumar (first seminar) Institute of Parasitology
Elucidating the mechanism of drug resistance in Dirofilaria immitis
October 30 Mojtaba Rostamighadi Institute of Parasitology
Annotation and discovery of essential pathways in trypanosomatid pathogens
Amin Azimi Institute of Parasitology
In pursuit of trypanocidal agents using target-based high throughout screening
November 6 Jysiane Cardot Institute of Parasitology
November 13 Mauro Teixeir Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
Resolution Pharmacology and Infectious Diseases
November 20 Dan Larhammer Uppsala University, Sweden
The origin of vertebrates: a massive expansion of ion channel genes
November 27 Kristen Lee Institute of Parasitology
ABC Transporters’ Interactome: Mapping the Human ABCG2 & ABCG1 Protein-protein Interactions
December 4 Sharareh Maleki Institute of Parasitology
Emily Curry Institute of Parasitology
Anthelmintic resistance in Dirofilaria immitis: Mechanisms and the role of P-glycoproteins
December 11 Eyre Nomi Institute of Parasitology
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