Macdonald Campus, McGill University

Zoom [ zoom link ] Friday April 30th

11:30 am

Vivian Liu, Institute of Parasitology, McGill University
Single-Molecule Virus-Host Interactions In Virus Life Cycle

Dr Liu has a PhD in immunology and infectious diseases, and she did her PDF at UBC chemistry on super-resolution microscopy imaging and tools development. Her team strives to gain detailed information about the nanoscale structure, dynamics and molecular mechanisms towards the understanding of virus entry and assembly by using multidisciplinary technologies.

The interdisciplinary work of Dr. Liu’s group is focused on the development and application of super-resolution imaging technologies to study single- molecule virus-host interactions in live or intact mammalian cells. Nipah virus (NiV) is an emerging, deadly, zoonotic paramyxovirus. NiV is capable of human-to-animal and human-to-human transmissions. NiV enters and exits cells at the cell surface. Dr. Liu is investigating how viral and cellular components are recruited and take action at the right place and time for virus entry and egress on a nanoscale. Dr. Liu uses super-resolution microscopes to capture the tiny and fast-moving biomolecules on cell membranes and visualize their organization and dynamics. The goal of her research is to improve our understanding of virus-host interactions and protein functions to answer biophysical and biomedical questions related to virus infection.

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