Positions Available

Faculty Positions

Tenure-Track Faculty Position at the rank of Assistant Professor

Poste de Professeur adjoint ménant à la permanance


Graduate Student Positions

MSc or PhD in Professor Fernando Lopes' Lab

Fernando Lopes Two positions (one PhD and one MSc student) are available for highly motivated individuals who are interested in immunoparasitology or immunometabolism.Individuals from visible minorities, women, Indigenous persons, and persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities are particularly encouraged to apply. Projects involve employing cell biology approaches to understand how helminths modulate host innate response and to identify metabolic requirements for inflammatory responses. The ultimate goal is to identify targets to better combat helminth infections, but also to treat chronic inflammatory diseases. Please send curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research interests and contact information for three references to (fernando.lopes [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Graduate%20Student%20Enquiry) (Fernando Lopes)).

Masters or PhD in Professor Jianguo (Jeff) Xia's Lab

Jeff Xia Two positions (one PhD student and one Research Associate) are available for highly motivated individuals who are interested in bioinformatics and big data analytics. The applicants should have an MSc degree from a related field. For the RA position, strong experience in R and statistics is required. Details on Dr. Xia’s research can be found from his lab website (xialab.ca). Please send curriculum vitae, brief statement of research interests, and contact information for three references to jeff.xia [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Graduate%20Student%20Position) ( Jeff Xia)

MSc or PhD in Professor Robin Beech's Lab

Robin Beech Highly motivated individuals with a background in genetics, evolution and molecular biology who are interested in the nematode nervous system. Projects involve using the ideas of molecular evolution and bioinformatics combined with wet lab techniques to investigate the function of neurotransmitter receptors that form the principal targets for the action of anthelmintic drugs. Please send curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research interests and contact information for three references to robin.beech [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Graduate%20Student%20Position%20Enquiry) (Robin Beech).

TA Positions

“A Teaching Assistant is a graduate student appointed to assist a Course Supervisor with the instruction and evaluation of students in a course. A teaching assistant works under the guidance and supervision of the Course Supervisor who is responsible for setting the course objectives, content and method of instruction as well as final grades and grading practices of the course.”

Further information about teaching assistantships at McGill University can be found on the AGSEM website. NOTE: All applicants must apply in writing, using the application form, within ten (10) working days from the close of the posting. Announcements are considered tentative, pending final determination of course offerings and enrollments.

Rate that will be paid is: $29.33 per hour
Start: January 7th, 2019 End: April 30th, 2019

LSCI 202 Molecular Cell Biology

1 Position, 75 hours per term
Duties: Provide individual instruction on course materials for students requesting this service. Hold 1-hr tutorials twice a week. .

LSCI 211 Biochemistry 1

1 Position, 75 hours per term
Help undergraduate students with assignments; general student consultation; invigilation; marking exams (2 mid-terms and 1 final exam)

PARA 410 Environment and Infection

1 Position, 75 hours each term
Duties: Assist students with research and discussions; post references on MyCourses; assist with grading of class presentations and assignments.

WILD 424 Parasitology

1 Position, 45 hours per term
Assist instructor with labs and assignments; lead discussions following presentations and help grading exams; identification of various parasites and knowledge of their life-cycle.

BTEC 555 Bioinformatics

1 Position, 45 hours per term
Assist in preparation of laboratory exercises and assignments for protein modeling, structure and function; assist students with hands-on exercises; assist in grading mid-term, assignments and final project

BTEC 619 Biotechnology Lab 2

2 Positions, 90 hours each position
Laboratory demonstrations to students; preparation of laboratories; grading of laboratory reports