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Research Assistants

Research Assistant [Machine Learning Programmer] in Professor Reza Salavati's Lab

Research Assistant [Machine Learning Programmer]

Our lab uses computational and experimental methods to characterize gene regulatory mechanisms of Trypanosomatid pathogens (The parasitic unicellular organism, causal agent of human and livestock diseases). We are involved in the characterization of RNA secondary structure and transcriptomics and the development of high-throughput methods for identifying novel chemical inhibitors that interfere with gene regulatory mechanisms.

The candidate will write various Machin Learning (ML) models to feed our RNAseq data for analysis and comparison. We are looking for a python programmer with previous experience writing ML programs and is enthusiastic about performing a literature search to develop novel ML models leading to possible co-authorship on future publications. Having a general knowledge about graph theory and ML on graphs would be a bonus.

Position Summary:

  • Analysis of biological data using ML
  • Attend occasional research meetings
  • Contribute to data analysis
  • Read related research literature
  • Qualifications: Master student studying computer science or related fields

Hourly Salary: Based on qualification
Hours per Week: 10-15 hours per week (Part-time)
Location: Online
Supervisor: Reza Salavati Position
Start Date: April 1 Position
End Date: August 30, 2021
Deadline to Apply: March 20

Graduate Student Positions

A Master or Ph.D. position in Professor Qian (Vivian) Liu's Lab

Dr. Qian (Vivian) Liu’s laboratory is looking for highly motivated graduate students (Ph.D. and M.Sc.) to work on virus biogenesis and super-resolution microscopy. The project is to investigate virus assembly and budding by using custom-built super-resolution microscopes and biomathematics analyses. Applicants must have strong interest and motivation in interdisciplinary research. Experience and knowledge in mathematical modeling and computer programming are highly appreciated. Please send your application in ONE .pdf file including curriculum vitae, a statement of research interest (one paragraph) and the contact information of two references to Dr. Liu (email).

PhD in Professor Igor Cestari's Lab

Igor Cestari A Ph.D. position is available for highly motivated individuals who are interested in cell signalling and epigenetics. The project entails the study of antigenic variation and life stage development in trypanosomes with a focus on cell signalling and transcriptional control mechanisms. The project involves CRISPR genome editing, protein-protein interactions, chromatin organization, and bioinformatics. Please send curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research interests, and contact information for three references to Igor Cestari. (igor.cestari [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Graduate%20Student%20Enquiry) ( Igor Cestari )).

MSc or PhD in Professor Robin Beech's Lab

Robin Beech Highly motivated individuals with a background in genetics, evolution and molecular biology who are interested in the nematode nervous system. Projects involve using the ideas of molecular evolution and bioinformatics combined with wet lab techniques to investigate the function of neurotransmitter receptors that form the principal targets for the action of anthelmintic drugs. Please send curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research interests and contact information for two references to robin.beech [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Graduate%20Student%20Position%20Enquiry) (Robin Beech).

TA Positions

“A Teaching Assistant is a graduate student appointed to assist a Course Supervisor with the instruction and evaluation of students in a course. A teaching assistant works under the guidance and supervision of the Course Supervisor who is responsible for setting the course objectives, content and method of instruction as well as final grades and grading practices of the course.”

Further information about teaching assistantships at McGill University can be found on the AGSEM website. NOTE: All applicants must apply through Workday in writing, within ten (10) working days from the close of the posting. Announcements are considered tentative, pending final determination of course offerings and enrollments.

Rate that will be paid is: $32.38 per hour
Start: September 1st, 2021 End: December 11th, 2021

PARA 438 - Immunology

Instructor: Prof. Fernando Lopes
1 position, 45 hours.
Duties: Help undergraduate students with the material presented; general student e-consultation;; assist the instructor to e-post course material; assist with marking of assignments and exams.

BTEC 620 - Biotechnology Laboratory 1

Instructor: Prof. I. Cestari
2 positions, 90 hours each position per term
Duties: Laboratory demonstrations to students; preparation of laboratories; grading of lab reports.

BTEC 501 – Bioinformatics

Instructors: Prof. J. Xia 
1 position, 45 hours
Duties: Assist students with course material and assignments; general student e-consultation; assist instructor to e-post course material; marking assignments, quizzes and exams.

LSCI 211 – Biochemistry 1

Instructors: Prof. I. Cestari and T. Long
2 positions, 60 hours each position per term
Duties: Help undergraduate students with assignments; general student e-consultation; marking assignments, quizzes and exams. 

BTEC 650 – Therapeutic Antibody Design

Instructors: Prof. R. Salavati and Dr. Traian Sulea
1 position, 45 hours per term
Duties: Help Graduate students with assignments; general student e-consultation; marking assignments.
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