Bioinformatics option

Students that wish to include a specific focus on Bioinformatics to their Program may wish to register for the Bioinformatics Option as part of their Graduate Degree. You must obtain permission from your thesis supervisor before you register and keep in mind that the Bioinformatics Option has additional course requirements beyond the normal Graduate Program.

Parasitology PhD with Bioinformatics Option

Required Courses

COMP 616D1 Bioinformatics Seminar
PARA 635 Cell Biology and Infection
PARA 655 Host-Parasite Interactions
PARA 700 course description not available

In addition to presentation, and subsequent defence, of a satifactory thesis based on the student's research

Complementary Courses (6 Credits)

BINF 621 Bioinformatics: Mol. Biology
COMP 618 Bioinformatics: Funct Genomics
BMDE 652 Bioinformatics: Proteomics
PHGY 603 Systems Biology and Biophysics

or other graduate course recommended by advisory committee and approved by Environment Option Committee