Students who do not hold a major fellowship are expected to apply for funding where eligible. Fellowships are awarded on the basis of merit, are highly competitive and are limited in number. You will be notified by email of the various deadlines and eligibility requirements. A list of Fellowships and Awards can be found on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies web page.

The Federal (NSERC, CIHR) and Provincial (FQRNT, FRSQ) fellowships are open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents only and application dates are in October. 

There are also two recruitment awards which can be awarded by the Institute to incoming students, the 

  • Lynden Laird Lyster Memorial Fellowship In Parasitology: open to all students
  • Robert P. Harpur Fellowship in Parasitology: open to international students

The TWM Cameron Award in Parasitology is book prize awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated an excellence in Parasitology during their tenure at the Institute.

The Institute of Parasitology is also a member of the Centre for Host-Parasite Interactions (CHPI). The CHPI provides funding for travel to scientific meetings. Students, through their supervisor, can apply for travel funds to attend national and international scientific meetings. Information on the how to apply can be found at the CHPI website.

Financial Support    

In most cases, the research being conducted by a student is supported largely by a research grant awarded to the student's supervisor and the University. Financial support for Graduate Students may be in the form of a stipend from the Supervisor's research grant, a scholarship from the Institute, other McGill scholarships or an external award. In cases where a financial commitment has been made by the supervisor, this is for a minimal level of support. Students who are awarded a scholarship may no longer need additional support from their supervisor to meet this minimum. Students who work as research assistants may only work a maximum of 10 hours each week and this assistance should be related to other research projects of the student's supervisor. The Institute is not obligated to provide financial support for graduate students who are no longer receiving fellowship support or funding from their supervisor.

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