Animal facilities:

Dr G. Faubert and Gord Bingham

The Institute has extensive facilities for housing laboratory animals (click here for more information) and has access to the Macdonald Farm animal facilities.

Computer Room:

Most laboratories at the Institute have a computer available to students. In addition, the Institute provides good general computing facilities which are located in Room A112. At present six computers are available, 2 PC's and 1 Macs with LaserJet printer and a high resolution scanner. All computers are connected to the McGill Network which provides you with personal storage space on the McGill server. This means that any data saved is backed up on a daily basis and your data can be accessed from any computer connected to the the network or remotely from home. The Institute also provides wireless connectivity to the internet. Some desktop PCs are also have a wireless connection to the internet and, an as such require you to go through a verification procedure for which you require your DAS user name and Password. This was issued to you by McGill at the time of registration and is also required to access McGill based email. Through the McGill network you have access to, the McGill Library system (MUSE), and databases such as Medline and access to a wide range of electronic journals.

CISTI Source is a fully integrated current awareness and document delivery service offering electronic delivery of journal articles in science, technology, medicine and other related fields. McGill users have free access to a wide range of journal titles (see Amanda Johnston Rm P-112 to obtain the passwords).

Conference Room:

A conference room is available for meetings, lectures and seminars. It may be booked in advance for meetings or practice sessions by using the sign-up sheet on the door into the conference room. This room is available to everyone, but please do not interrupt previously-scheduled events that may be taking place.

Coffee and Lunch Room:

Room A206 - a pleasantly appointed room - is provided for Institute members to partake of lunch, coffee and tea breaks. It is well-furnished with tables, seating accommodation, 2 microwave ovens, a fridge and vending machines. Please help to maintain this pleasant environment by clearing away any mess you may have created while using the room. Also if you store food in the refrigerator during the work week be sure to remove any items by the end of the day Friday.

Desks and Lockers:

Dr G. Faubert and Gord Bingham

Each student is assigned a locker in the basement for the storage of coats, boots, etc. There are two student rooms furnished with desks, and small file cabinets for student use. A telephone is available in these rooms. See Dr. Faubert for allocation of lockers and Mr. Bingham for the allocation of file cabinets.


The Institute is adjacent to the Macdonald Campus Library which is housed in the Barton Building. It contains one of the most comprehensive parasitology reference sources in North America and about 700 volumes and 35 journals directly related to parasitology. You may also like to use the Health Science Library located at the McIntyre on the downtown campus.

Access to all library facilities is available online online

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