Current Projects

Pediatric Palliative Care Research

 Enhancing the Quality of Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Children with Cancer.

  • Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC). Project Leads: K. Widger, A. Rapoport.
  • Collaborators: E. Bouffet, S. Friedrichsdorf, M.Greenberg,  A. Husain, S. Liben, J. Pole,H. Siden, J. Whitlock, J. Wolfe.
  • (Grant # - CP450-2013-01) ($959,264) (2014-2017)


Adult Palliative Care Research

A mixed methods policy research study of dying at home in Canada

L. Funk (Principal investigator). A. Rounce, C. Mackenzie, K.I. Stajduhar, S.R. Cohen (co-investigators). Collaborator: M. Krawczyk.

Funding: SSHRC (Mar 15 2018- Mar 31 2021)

Supporting quality of life assessments of frail older adults and their family caregivers

R. Sawatzky (principal investigator). K. Schick-Makaroff (co-principal investigator). R. Cohen, L. Cuthbertson, N. Hilliard, *E. Laforest, J. Ohlen, L. Russell, K. Stajduhar, T. Stephen, L. Terblanche & A. Wolff (co-investigators). J. Carlson, S. Cory, J. Gerke, M. Karimi-Dehkordi, M. Kuo, M. Mancuso, B. MacLean, J. McLean & B. McLeod (collaborators). G. Cowman, J. Huang, M. Luk, A. Maybee (patient collaborators). B. Forde, E. Stringham, & L. Zetes-Zanatta (decision-makers).

Funders: Canadian Frailty Network, Catalyst Grant Competition; matched partnership funding from Fraser Health Authority, BC, Cambian Business Services, Patient-Centred Measurement Working Group of the BC Ministry of Health, University of Alberta, and Trinity Western University (Sept 1 2018-Jan 1 2020)

Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Kidney Practice (ePRO Kidney)

K. Schick-Makaroff (principal investigator). R. Sawatzky, S. Klarenbach (co-principal investigators). R. Cohen, L. Cuthbertson, J. MacRae, S. Palfreyman, R. Pauly, R. Quinn, R. Reintjes, J. Wu (co-investigators).

Funding: CIHR Operating grant (Sept 2016 – Aug 2019).

Integrating a quality of life assessment and practice support system in homecare services for older adults with life-limiting illness and their families

  • R. Sawatzky (principal investigator); S. R. Cohen, K. Schick-Makaroff, K. Stajduhar (co-principal investigators); N. Hilliard (clinician lead/principal knowledge user); L. Zetes-Zanatta (decision maker/ principal knowledge user); J. Bottorff, S. Bryan, P. Dodek, K. Fraser, A. Gadermann, E. Laforest, M. Parrilla Lopez, S. Reimer-Kirkham, P.A. Ratner, L. Russell, H. Tsang, M. Santana, D. Whitehurst (co-investigators);
  • T. Edwards, G. Ewing, G. Grande, J. Öhlén (international collaborators);
  • S. Baxter, S. Brown, J. Carlson, S. Cory, L. Cuthbertson, J. Gerke, B. McLeod, C. Paul, J. Resin, D. Roberts, C. Tayler, D. Williscroft, J. Warneboldt (knowledge users);
  • J. Haskins, M. Kundert (collaborators).
  • Partners: Fraser Health; Cambian Business Services, Inc;  J. Voth & Intogrey Research and Development, Inc. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Electronic Health Innovation Partnership Program #EH2-143572, $735,140 (183,785/yr). (Oct. 2015 – Sept. 2019)  

     A meta-narrative review of patient- and family–reported experience and outcome measures across transitions of care for frail seniors living at home.
  • Co-PIs: R. Sawatzky, L. Cuthbertson, K. Schick-Makaroff, B. Stirling, S. R. Cohen, D. Dixon, A. Gadermann, N. Hilliard, K. Leeb, M. Mancuso, M. McGregor, L. Russell, K. Stajduhar, C. Tayler, G. Wong. Funder: CIHR ($100,000/yr). (Jan 2016 – Dec 2016)

Integrating a Quality of Life Assessment and Practice Support System in Palliative Homecare.

  • Co-PIs: R. Sawatzky, S.R. Cohen; K. Stajduhar; Knowledge user Co-PI: C. Tayler ; Co-Investigators: J. Bottorff, S. Bryan, P. Dodek, A. Gadermann, P.A. Ratner, S. Reimer Kirkham, K. Schick-Makaroff, H. Tsang, M. Santana; International Collaborators: G. Ewing, G. Grande, J. Öhlén, T. Edwards; Knowledge Users: S. Baxter, C. Beveridge, S. Cory, M. Johnson, H. Lee, B McLeod, J. Warneboldt; TVN Trainees: E. Laforest, S. Wang.
  • Technology Evaluation for the Elderly, Catalyst Program (Mar. 2015 – Mar. 2016)

Randomized Controlled Trial of the Meaning-Making Intervention (MMi) In Patients Newly Diagnosed With Advanced Cancer: Full Trial.

  • M. Henry (principal investigator). SR Cohen (co-prinicipal investigator). G. Batist, W. Gotlieb, D. Heyland, B. Lapointe, S. Lau, R. Platt, K. Sultanem, X. Zhang (co-investigators).
  • CIHR Operating Grant #340947 (Sept. 2015 - Aug. 2020)

Supporting Family Caregivers of Palliative Patients at Home: The Caregiver Support Needs Assessment Intervention.

  • K. Stajduhar (principal investigator). R. Sawatzky (co-principal investigator). G. Ewing, G. Grande, S. Aoun, C. Toye, S.R. Cohen, L. Funk, C.K. Votova (Co-investigators). L. Foley, J. Gerke, B. MacLean, C. Wilkinson (Knowledge Users).
  • Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI), (Feb. 1, 2014 - Jan. 31, 2017)
  • Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TVN), (May 7, 2014 - Mar. 31, 2017)

Soins palliatifs pour les patients Inuits du Nunavik, Quebec

  • Paul Brassard (principal investigator)
  • Dawn Allen and Mary Ellen Macdonald (co-investigators)
  • Fonds de Recherches Santé Quebec (FRSQ)

Enjeux éthiques en fin de vie: une étude pour comprendre la pratique infirmière avec les patients qui veulent mourir

  • David Wright (principal investigator)
  • CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ). 

Building a solid knowledge foundation: A research program to innovate psychosocial care and reduce health care costs for head and neck cancer patients.

  • Henry M, Rosberger Z (co-principal investigators) with Frenkiel S, Black M, Hier M, Zeitouni A, Kost K, Mlynarek A, MacDonald C, Longo CJ, Atherton J, Foulkes W, and Meaney, M.
  • Fonds de Recherche en Santé du Québec (FRSQ). (2012-2015)  
The ethics of end-of-life care: Understanding the moral landscape of medicalized dying in Canada 
  • Mary Ellen Macdonald and J Fishman (principal investigators) and J Downie, C Ells; doctoral student, H Karsoho (co-investigators)
  • CIHR Operating Grant. (2011-2014)
Caring for the Caregiver
  • Dr. Robin Cohen (principal investigator) and S O’Brien, B Lapointe, A Feindel, V Bitzas, J Penner, C MacKinnon, S Baxter, K Stajduhar, C Longo, D Allen, M Parmar (co-investigators)  
  • Max Bell Foundation research grant  (2011-2014) 

When patients desire death: understanding nursing knowledge, attitudes and practice around suicidal ideation in terminal illness

  • Bessy Bitzas (investigator)
  • FRESIQ Award (2012)


Palliative and Supportive Care

Tsimicalis, A., Stinson, J., Le May, S., Vachon, M-F., Rennick, J., Choquette, A., Usability Testing of an Interactive Communication Tool to Help English and French-speaking Children Express their Cancer Symptoms and Problems, 
Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) Seed Funding Grant, ($14,969.19). 2014-2016       .

 Stinson, J., Breakey, V., Dick, B., Dupuis, F., Gupta, A., Johnston, D., Laverdiere, C., LeMay, S., Chong, A.L., Portwine, C., Victor, C., Tsimicalis, A., Zita, J., Ungar, W., Teens Taking Charge-Managing Cancer Online: A Feasibility Study of Quality and Cost, Catalyst Grant: eHealth Innovations, Canadian Institute of Health Research, ($92,207). 2014-2015      .

Stinson, J., Cafazzo, J., Dupuis, A., Jibb, L., Nathan, P., Johnston, D., Seto, E., Stevens, B., Tsimicalis, A., Ungar, W., Kuczynki, S., The PainSquad + Real-time Pain Management System for Adolescents with Cancer: A Feasibility, Quality and Cost Study, Catalyst Grant: eHealth Innovations, Canadian Institute of Health Research, ($92,228). 2014-2015.



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