Monica Parmar


Monica Parmar, RN, PhD(c)

Doctoral Candidate, Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University
Nursing Counsellor, Cancer Nutrition Rehabilitation Program, Segal Cancer Centre, Jewish General Hospital

monica.parmar [at] (Email)

Monica Parmar is specialized in palliative and supportive care with a focus on clinical research and practice involving patients with advanced cancer and cachexia. As a member of a specialized interprofessional cancer cachexia team, the McGill Cancer Nutrition Rehabilitation Program, Monica is involved in developing research and evidence-based practice to improve the health outcomes of this vulnerable population.

Her research interests include:

  • The integration of early palliative and supportive care interventions into cancer care to improve health outcomes for patients
  • Improving our understanding on how interprofessional teams make shared decisions in collaboration with patients in the clinical management of cancer cachexia
  • Understanding the patient and family experience of living with cancer cachexia
  • Nurse navigation through the cancer care trajectory including palliative care
  • The improvement of palliative care services for patients with complex and chronic illnesses in the Canadian health care system

Monica is completing her doctoral degree under the supervision of Dr. Robin Cohen in the Ingram School of Nursing at McGill University and has won multiple national and provincial awards to support her research.

Selected Publications

Parmar, M.P., Vanderbyl, B.L., Kanbalian, M., Windholz, T.Y., Tran, A.T. & Jagoe, R.T. (2017). A multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme for cancer cachexia improves quality of life. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 0:1–9. doi:10.1136/bmjspcare-2017-001382

Penner, J, Stevenson, M, Parmar, MP & Belanger, E. (2016). The psychosocial needs of students conducting research with patients and their families in advanced cancer and palliative care: A scoping review. Palliative and Supportive Care,15:1-7.doi:10.1017/S1478951516000481

Cohen, SR, MacKinnon, CJ, Kogan, N, Dewitte, M, Penner, JL, Parmar, MP, Khadoury, A & Feindel, A. Guiding Family Caregivers of People at the End of Life: A Guidebook. 2015.

Chen BQP, Parmar MP, Gartshore K. Supporting women with advanced breast cancer: The impact of altered functional status on their social roles. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal, 2014. doi: 10-5737/1181912x243194198

Parmar MP, Swanson T, Jagoe RT. Weight changes correlate with alterations in subjective physical function in advanced cancer patients referred to a specialized nutrition rehabilitation team. Supportive care in Cancer, 2013. doi:10.1007/s00520-013-1762-2

Richard M, Parmar MP, Calestagne P, McVey L. Seeking patient feedback: An important dimension of quality in cancer care, Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 25(4), 344-351, 2010. doi:10.1097/NCQ.0b013e3181d5c055








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