Mary Ellen Macdonald

Mary Ellen Macdonald, PhD
Assistant Professor, Oral Health and Society, Faculty of Dentistry
Program Head - Research, Programs in Pediatric Palliative Care, Montreal Children's Hospital
mary.macdonald [at] (Email)


Mary Ellen Macdonald is a medical anthropologist with postdoctoral training in Pediatric Palliative Care. Her research in palliative care focuses on family bereavement after the death of a child. Her recent work includes a gender analysis of pediatric palliative care research, a systematic review of family bereavement, a national survey of bereavement services, and a socio-cultural analysis of child death. She is also currently involved in medical education research, and research involving cultural aspects of health and illness with Aboriginal communities in Montreal and Northern Quebec.

Selected Publications

Allen D, Badro V, Denyer-Willis L, Macdonald ME, Paré A, Hutchinson T, Barré P, Beauchemin R, Bocti H, Broadbent A, Cohen SR.  Fragmented care and whole-person illness:  Decision-making for people with chronic end-stage kidney disease.  Chronic Illn. 2014 Dec 3. (Epub ahead of print)

Macdonald ME, Bathory LW, Shenker H, Weiler H, Berry M, Sharma A, Rodd C. Understanding healthy pregnancies:  the perspective of Inuit midwives in northwestern Quebec.  Can J Rural Med. 2014 Fall;19(4):128-33.

Macdonald ME, Kennedy K, Moll S, Pineda C, Mitchell LM, Stephenson PH, Cadell S. Excluding parental grief:  a critical discourse analysis of bereavement accommodation in Canadian labour standards.  Work. 2014 Sept 23 (Epub ahead of print).

Bell E, Racine E, Chiasson P, Dufourcq-Brana M, Dunn LB, Fins JJ, Ford PJ, Glannon W, Lipsman N, Macdonald ME, Mathews DJ, McAndrews MP. Beyond consent in research. Revisiting vulnerability in deep brain stimulation for psychiatric disorders.  Camb Q Health Ethics. 2014 Jul;23(3):361-8.

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Wright DK, Brajtman S, Macdonald ME. A relational ethical approach to end-of-life delirium. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2014 Aug;48(2):191-8.

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Jagosh J, Boudreau, DJ Steinert, Y, Macdonald ME, Ingram L. The Importance of Physician Listening from the Patients` Perspective: Enhancing Diagnosis, Healing, and the Doctor-Patient Relationship. Journal of Patient Education and Counseling 2011:85(3):369-74.

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