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Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association

Palliative Care McGill is a proud member and supporter of the CHPCA.  The CHPCA serves as the secretariat for the Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada. 

Let's Talk about Hospice Palliative Care First

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Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada


Bill 52 Proposal and Discussion

Much debate around Bill 52, physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia has taken place.  Significant contributions have been made by Palliative Care McGill clinicians to this debate. 

Bill 52 Proposal English  Français

La Presse: Opinion Project de loi 52 (September 2013)

Mémoire RSPQ (Octobre 2013)


Quebec Special Commission on Dying with Dignity

Palliative Care McGill’s contributions to the Quebec Special Commission can be found here.
La Commission spéciale sur la question de mourir dans la dignité 

Quebec Commission Report Mourir_dans_la_dignite_mars_2012

Brief by Dr. Justine Farley Mémoire août 2010

Brief by Palliative Care McGill Mémoire août 2010  Brief August 2010

Expert Witness Presentation by Dr. Bernard Lapointe, Consultation_17_fev_2010


Canadian Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care

Palliative Care McGill acted as partners in the Canadian Parliamentary Committee's deliberations.  The briefs presented by Palliative Care McGill to this commitee can be accessed here. 

Canadian Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care

Committee report Not to be Forgotten December 2011

Palliative Care McGill Brief December 2010

Dr. Robin Cohen Brief December 2010

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