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Palliative Care McGill in the News

CTV News: Interview with Teresa Dellar, Executive Director of the West Island Palliative Care Residence, and Noah Neuberth, a student volunteer.

Montreal Gazette: Montreal Conference: 'Lack of Understanding' About Palliative Care (October 2016)

Montreal Gazette:  An Opportunity for Healing via Film: McGill Series Kicks off 12th Season (April 2016)

Montreal Gazette: Opinion: Palliative care should be offered sooner, not only at the end of life (May 2015)

Montreal Gazette: Volunteers Ease Holiday Shopping for Those in Palliative Care (December 2014)

Montreal Gazette: Teresa Dellar Palliative_care_should_be_the_first_choice_for_end-of-life_options (May 2014)

Q & A with Dr. Balfour Mount: Helping Youth Understand Palliative Care (March 2014)

Dr. Balfour Mount presentation, MGH: Radical Presence (February 2014)

Montreal Gazette: Final Exit  (December 2013)

La Presse: Soins Palliatifs, La Dernière Bataille (October 2013)

Montreal Gazette: Opinion More and Better Palliative Care is Needed (Sepember 2013)

LaSalle Messenger: Merci Mont Sinai (September 2013)

La Presse: Opinion Project de loi 52 (September 2013)

Dr. Larry Librach:  Interview of his personal experience with terminal illness.

CTV News: World Cancer Day, Dr. Borod (January 2013)

Montreal Gazette: MUHC Palliative Care Holiday Outreach (December 2012)

Documentary Film: Life Before Death with Dr Balfour Mount and Dr. Bernard Lapointe (January 2012)

Television Program: Second Regard: "Mourir Dignement Interview with Dr Bernard Lapointe (12 septembre 2010)


Palliative Care in the News

A McGill student's, Mary Koziol, perspective and personal experience of her visit to a Palliative Care Unit, Class of 2018: Facing Death

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