January 2023

A Mobile Phone App Improves Patient-Physician Communication and Reduces Emergency Department Visits After Colorectal Surgery.

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Spinal processing of cold information by Kcnip2 neurons.

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Standardized Tool for the Assessment of Bruxism (STAB).

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The Daily Grind of Living With Chronic Pain: An Applied Hermeneutic Exploration.

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Parvalbumin interneuron loss mediates repeated anesthesia-induced memory deficits in mice.

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Does the Low Anterior Resection Syndrome Score Accurately Represent the Impact of Bowel Dysfunction on Health-Related Quality of Life?

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Measurement Properties of the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory (MPAI-4) and related measures: A Systematic Review.

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The Association Between Perceived Injustice and Opioid Craving in Patients With Chronic Pain: The Mediating Role of Daily Pain Intensity, Negative Affect, and Catastrophizing.


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Modulating the activity of human nociceptors with a SCN10A promoter-specific viral vector tool.

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Emotion regulation and the salience network: a hypothetical integrative model of fibromyalgia.

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