August 2021

Day-to-day opioid withdrawal symptoms, psychological distress, and opioid craving in patients with chronic pain prescribed opioid therapy

Alice Bruneau, Leah Frimerman, Maria Verner, Amanda Sirois, Catherine Fournier, Katherine Scott, Jordi Perez, Yoram Shir, Marc O. Martel Drug and Alcohol Dependence Volume 225, 1 August 2021, 108787


Day-to-day hedonic and calming effects of opioids, opioid craving, and opioid misuse among patients with chronic pain prescribed long-term opioid therapy.

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Classification of Qualitative Fieldnotes Collected During Quantitative Sensory Testing: A Step Towards the Development of a New Mixed Methods Approach in Pain Research

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Rethinking and strengthening the Global Health Diplomacy through triangulated nexus between policy makers, scientists and the community in light of COVID-19 global crisis

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Protocol for a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial


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Day-to-day opioid withdrawal symptoms, psychological distress, and opioid craving in patients with chronic pain prescribed opioid therapy.

Bruneau A, Frimerman L, Verner M, Sirois A, Fournier C, Scott K, Perez J, Shir Y, Martel MO.

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