Becoming our Patient

Getting Referred to the AEPMU

  • Ask your family doctor to refer you to the AEPMU with this form

  • If you do not have a family doctor use the Quebec Family Doctor Finder here


 Orientation Session

  • Once we have received a referral from your doctor, we will contact you.
  • Habitually, we hold an in-person orientation session, however due to current social distancing measures, we are asking you to watch this session below before your first appointment, given by Dr. Yoram Shir, Director of the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit. Watching this will help you when you are being seen for the first time.



After the Orientation Session

  • The triage team meets weekly to analyze the patient documents.
  • Our team will contact you with an estimated wait-time for your first appointment.
  • When your first appointment is scheduled, you will receive a reminder by telephone or mail.
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