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Sahel Jahangiri Esfahani "Experimental Models for Pain Research"


Gaurav Gupta, Kira Burton, Latifah Kamal "Update on Military Medicine Research Projects"


Mario Starnino  BSc, CAT(C), CSCS® "Treating Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms: Lessons Learned from an Athletic Therapist"


Catherine Paré PhD Candidate "Trauma Informed Care"


Yoni Ashar PhD "Deconstructing Chronic Pain"


Virginia McEwen MD "Magnesium: The forgotten cation & applications in chronic pain"


Shiva Shahiri Tabarestani RN "Innovations in ICU Pain Assessment"


Waleed Janjua MD "Axial Low Back Pain & PRP"


Estelle Carde PhD "The Discrediting of People who Talk about their Pain"


Byron J. Schneider MD "The Specifics of Nonspecific Low Back Pain"


L. Kamal, J. Burton, G. Gupta "Reviewing a Website Based Resource for Patients with Chronic Pain"


Jordi Perez MD, PhD, FIPP talks about "Central Sensitization: practical tips for pain clinicians"


Ann Gamsa PhD "Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy"


Christopher Mares MD, FRCPC "To Freeze or not to Freeze"


Sydney Van Wyk MD "Hip Joint Denervation"


Virginia McEwen MD "Knee Osteoarthritis: an Update on Radiofrequency Interventions"


Sydney Van Wyk MD ”The Effects of Corticosterioids"


Elizabeth Leroux MD, FRCPC "Headaches"


Virginia McEwen MD "Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: the new fibromyalgia?"


Chris Mares MD, FRCPC on "Stem Cell Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis: part 2"


Chris Mares MD on "Stem Cell Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis: a two-part series"


Andrea Furlan, MD, PhD on "ECHO, innovative tele-education intervention in chronic pain management for primary care clinicians"


Andrea G. Gillman PhD on "Learning from the CHOIR: Patient-Reported Outcomes at UPMC Pain Medicine”


Sean Mackey MD, PhD "Learning Health Systems for Optimized Care and Innovative Research”


Jordi Perez MD, PhD, FIPP "Telehealth and Chronic Pain Assessment"


Desmond Milroy MD, "Prescribing Yoga for Chronic Pain"


Yanipan Chungsamarnyart MD, "Discogenic Pain Interventions"



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