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Trottier Symposium 2012

Food: A Serving of Science

To eat, or not to eat; that is the question. In today’s world we are infiltrated with all types of conflicting messages. Foods are labeled as “natural” or “healthy”; we’re told to load up on vitamins and anti-oxidants; insert probiotics into our diet and to stay clear of pesticides. But what does all this really mean? What is the evidence for any of these claims? Show me the science! From what’s on your plate to cooking in the kitchen, our four speakers will present their views on food and the science behind it. 

For additional information on this year's Trottier Symposium, please visit the Trottier symposium website.

*NOTE: The 2012 Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium is pleased to offer English-language webcasts for the the private roundtable event as well as the four presentations.