Homeopathy Debate: Follow-up Questions/Answers by Joe Schwarcz & Andre Saine


A note from Dr. Joe Schwarcz:

After our November 26 debate Andre Saine and I agreed to ask each other questions that would be answered in writing and posted on our websites. Mine were ready a few days after the event; I have just received Andre’s. Because I had agreed to post his answers, I am doing so here with some trepidation. The reason is that there is some dangerous advice here about antibiotics and malaria prophylaxis, but I think our readers will see through this. It is hard to know what to make of these rambling, confused answers but the essence is familiar to all who follow the controversy that surrounds homeopathy. What we have here is a compilation of the usual mantras that have been advanced ad nauseum and have been effectively addressed by numerous scientists. In any case, there is some amusing reading to be had here. Remember Andre’s final comment: “The future of medicine is homeopathy.” Said with a straight face. As they say, give them enough rope and they will...