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Are there any health benefits to take maca in a pill form?

22 Feb 2017

Maca is a cruciferous plant, in the same family as broccoli and cabbage. However, in this case it is the root not the leaves that are eaten. The plant is an unusual one, cultivated only at high...

Does the magnetic laundry system work?

20 Feb 2017

Magnets are fascinating. Imagine the amazement of the ancient Greeks who discovered that some naturally occurring stones, later named magnetite because they were found in a region of Greece called...

What is resistant starch?

20 Feb 2017

Video of You Asked: What is Resistant Starch?

What are “oxo-biodegradable plastic” shopping bags?

20 Feb 2017

Polyethylene shopping bags are a big convenience but they also present a big problem. While they can be recycled, many just get carelessly discarded and end up in the environment not only as an...

Should eggs be kept in the fridge?

20 Feb 2017

Video of You Asked: Should we put eggs in the fridge?

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