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The Atom Bomb and the Age of Wine

20 Mar 2017

The purveyors of fake wines probably never dreamed that they could be caught by a carbon atom. A special kind of carbon atom. One that in addition to the six protons in its nucleus has eight...

What is all the talk about “Paradox Blanc?”

20 Mar 2017

If you take a look at all the literature put out by the French wine industry, you'll start to wonder whether you should replace wine drinking by intravenous infusions of red wine. They make a case...

What are "Breathable Wine Glasses?"

20 Mar 2017

I had heard about them for a few months already. There is a new variety of wine glasses made out of "breathable glass" produced by the German company "Eisch Glasskultur". According to the...

What is "Bordeaux Mixture?"

20 Mar 2017

It isn’t a blend of wines from the Bordeaux region of France to sell to undiscerning customers. Bordeaux mixture is a fungicide made of copper sulphate and calcium hydroxide, the latter better...


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