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Health Supplements: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

7 May 2021

It is always a challenge to find a catchy headline for an article. For this one, a connection to the classic 1966 “spaghetti western” that propelled Clint Eastwood to fame seems fitting. The film...

Should I Be Worried About Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

11 May 2018

Without B12 the brain and nervous system cannot function properly, cells cannot produce adequate energy or synthesize DNA. We also need B12 to make red blood cells. Without adequate numbers of...

Book Review: Pandora's Lab

4 Oct 2017

An idiot is dumber than an imbecile, who is dumber than a moron. The word “moron” was first derived from the Greek in 1910 to identify individuals with an IQ score between 51 and 70. It may sound...

Nutrients with the right “resonance frequency”

20 Mar 2017

Sometimes the battle against nonsense just leaves me speechless. I was asked for my views on dietary supplements produced by Quantum Nutrition Labs, an establishment that claims to use only...

Is “Vibe” vitamin-mineral supplement the miracle people claim it to be?

20 Mar 2017

Unfortunately there are no dietary miracles. What Vibe, produced by the Eniva Corporation, does have is a lot of hype. The scientific adviser to the company (which he actually founded) is Dr....

Can You Overdose on Folic Acid?

20 Mar 2017

Vitamins have a great public image. Even the term itself derives from the Latin “vita,” meaning life. And indeed vitamins are essential to life. Our bodies cannot make these nutrients, so we must...

Chemistry lesson for The Food Babe… and everyone else #16: Vitamin History

17 Feb 2017

To take or not to take, that is the question often asked about vitamin supplements. Some experts suggest that a balanced diet provides all the vitamins we need, while others claim that a daily...

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