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Crafty Kraft

20 Mar 2017

Kraft processed cheese singles, at least the full fat version, is not the same anymore. You won’t notice any change in taste though because the only difference will be a substitution of one...

Lead in Our Drinking Water

20 Mar 2017

The Romans had a sweet tooth, but didn’t know about sugar. So they boiled down grape juice to make a sweet syrup called “sapa” which they added to wine, as well as to various foods. The acidic...

The Toxicity of Bisphenol A

20 Mar 2017

Take an aspirin tablet. Now imagine cutting it in half. And in half again. Keep doing this, obviously in your imagination, until you have about three million pieces. Now take one of those pieces...

Benzene in your car - and it's not in the gas tank!

20 Mar 2017

Everyone knows that driving car is a risky business but what about just getting into one? Especially on a hot day! And we’re not talking about burning your rear by depositing it on the plastic seat...

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Sales Clerks and BPA

20 Mar 2017

The thermal printing paper that is commonly used for cash register receipts contains bisphenol A, the chemical that has generated a great deal of controversy because of concerns that it may have an...


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