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Food For Thought- Literally

2 Mar 2022

What exactly should we eat? You would think that after literally thousands and thousands of studies that have been published on every aspect of nutrition, we would have an answer to that question....

The Emerald Chlorophyll of Oz

30 Jul 2021

Just like the omnipotence of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz was a mere illusion, so is the almightiness of chlorophyll water. From a distance, the emerald drink looks like an all-natural cure-all to...

Prevagen For Mental Clarity?

14 Jan 2019

Wouldn’t we all like to have healthy brain function, a sharper mind and clearer thinking? Of course w,e would. And a dietary supplement called Prevagen promises to deliver the goods, at least...

The Right Chemistry: What is "Liquid Oxygen"?

2 Aug 2018

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz discusses 'Liquid Oxygen'

Can You Prevent Your Next Hangover By Using Cheers (Thrive+)?

28 Jun 2018

Update: The product is now called Cheers. The company behind it is offering podcast sponsorship deals, so you may hear about it quite a bit.

Green Tea Extracts and Liver Disease

20 Mar 2017

I think we are safe in saying that green tea doesn’t make taste buds frolic. So why do people drink it? The same reason for which the Chinese have been consuming it for millennia. Its supposed...

You Asked: Nutritional yeast and adverse reactions?

20 Mar 2017

Had a question from a gentleman with a history of bloating after meals. He had a particularly bad episode after a dinner that included chicken Florentine soup and he wondered whether the ...

Want to Stop Aging? Mind your Telomeres.

20 Mar 2017

If you want to lengthen your life, you need to lengthen your telomeres. That’s the message from the marketers of a pricey dietary supplement called TA-65. How pricey? Try up to $4000 for a six...


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