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The Problems with Adaptogens

9 Jun 2022

Mark my words: long COVID will be a magnet for quacks.

The Emerging Science of Careful Whispers

11 Jun 2021

Some people crave whispers. As a way to relax before going to sleep, these whisper connoisseurs go to YouTube, type in four letters, and let their brain be transfixed by the murmurs of intimacy...

Reflexology Research Doesn’t Put Its Best Foot Forward

7 May 2021

Imagine you have appendicitis. You are rushed to the hospital where a surgeon needs to operate on you to remove your appendix which is full of bacteria and ready to burst. Only, instead of a...

Giving “Worried Sick” a Whole New Meaning

9 Apr 2021

Catherine Wang is a biomedical science student at McGill University, specializing in anatomy and cell biology....

Stressing About Stress Relief

5 Nov 2020

As far as COVID-19 goes, there may be different opinions about masks, gatherings, and modes of transmission, but there is universal agreement that it causes stress. Although we all recognize it...

Studies About Safety of Exercise are Reassuring

20 Mar 2019

​This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette....

Squeezing Science out of Squishies

18 Jan 2019

Originally squeezing balls made of polyurethane foam was supposed to counter stress. Feeling anxious? For relief, just compress a “stress ball” and then watch it slowly expand back to its original...

There is Evidence for Massage as a Medical Treatment

26 Sep 2017

A 2004 paper reviewed the research on massage therapy available at the time and found some interesting things. After one massage session, massage clients show reduced heart rates, blood pressures,...


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