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You Probably Don’t Have a Leaky Gut

23 Feb 2024

There is a world in which our gut is leaking and causing all manner of diseases. It is not our world, but the trip through the looking-glass is an easy one to make.

What Not to Expect When You’re Expecting

20 Jan 2023

There’s a special type of excitement surrounding a pregnancy announcement. Congratulations, gifts, and celebrations are in order. From “we’re pregnant” and “we’re expecting” to elaborate...

The Dark Matter Inside Your Gut

21 May 2021

There is a kind of dark matter inside our intestinal tract. “Dark matter” is the phrase coined for the matter that is implied to be present in the universe based on physicists’ calculations but...

Crustaceans have teeth in their stomach

12 Aug 2020

Believe it or not, lobsters, as well as other crustaceans such as crabs and crayfish, have teeth in their stomach! The teeth are part of a system called the “gastric mill.” Through rhythmic...

“Alternative Medicine ” is Not an Alternative to Medicine

27 Feb 2018

The best definition seems to be “those practices that are not taught in conventional medical schools.”  And why not?  Because medical schools are sticklers for a little detail called “evidence.” ...

An Accidental Opportunity

20 Mar 2017

William Beaumont was an army doctor stationed at Fort Mackinac in Michigan in 1822 when an accident occurred that allowed him to make the first systematic study of the process of digestion. Alexis...

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