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stem cells

The “Mini-Organs” Being Grown in Laboratories

21 Oct 2022

Somewhere, in a laboratory, there is a mini-brain growing. In fact, mini-brains are growing in many laboratories all over the world. What do they dream of? Nothing at the moment, and nothing for...

The “Once-in-a-Lifetime” Gamble of Private Cord Blood Banks

29 Apr 2021

I remember when the idea of having your body frozen and preserved after death, a procedure called “cryonics,” was trending. Now, there is a new low-temperature preservation technique that gambles...

I Went to a Stem Cell Sales Pitch Seminar and I Feel Like Buying a Time Share

22 Feb 2019

It’s not everyday that a testimonial for a medical intervention ends with a pirouette. Yet there she was, one of two speakers at a stem cell sales pitch meeting, having completed her story of how...

What is In Vitro Meat?

26 Jul 2017

A dinner-time conversation with an outspoken vegan or an evening browsing through Netflix documentaries will tell you that we have a huge meat problem. Livestock production imposes a serious burden...

Ideas to Reanimate the Dead Are Dead Wrong

20 Jun 2017

Reviving the dead using stem cells and electrical impulses sounds more like a plot for a Hollywood sci-fi movie than a process grounded in reality. And yet, that is exactly what a Philadelphia bio...

Skin Cells

23 May 2017

Scientists at McMaster University have found a regular and long-term blood donor: skin cells. In a major scientific discovery, these scientists have managed to convert human adult skin cells into...

Gordie Howe's "Miracle Therapy"

20 Mar 2017

After the 86-year-old hockey legend suffered disabling strokes last fall, his family took him to a clinic in Mexico where he underwent experimental stem cell treatment. The procedure involved...

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