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Is Your Forehead Good Enough for a Fever Check?

5 Jun 2020

Your forehead is about to get a lot of action. Is it greasy? You may want to wipe that sweat off. In the age of COVID, our forehead will become the target of fever spot checks. Thermal cameras and...

Breast Thermography: From Its Montreal Cradle to Crowdfunding Platforms

22 Mar 2019

Medical students in Michigan want to help screen women in rural India for breast cancer and are trying to raise $12,000 to buy a portable breast thermography device. Donna in Ohio wants to raise ...

CancerSEEK: Is This the One Cancer Blood Test to Rule Them All?

1 Feb 2018

When it comes to cancer, I used to be convinced that early detection was where most of our efforts should go. I was appalled that so much money was being poured into developing therapeutics for...

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