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Finding a Paper on PubMed Does Not Mean the Paper Is Any Good

10 Jun 2021

As more and more people “do their own research,” some end up consulting a website called PubMed. An argument I have encountered is that if a scientific paper is listed on PubMed, it must mean this...

Cherry-Picking in the Era of COVID-19

8 Jul 2020

President Trump recently claimed that the U.S. is doing very well in the battle against COVID-19 because the death rate from the disease is declining. This was said in support of his agenda of ...

Conclusions Change as Evidence Accumulates

1 Apr 2020

I remember once giving a talk on vitamins and having someone come up to me after with a comment along the lines of “I was in your class years ago and you were talking about the benefits of vitamin...

Science and Skepticism: Critiquing Bad Research in an Anti-Science Era


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The Liberation Procedure

20 Mar 2017

It’s a great name for a possible cure for multiple sclerosis: “The Liberation Procedure.” Indeed patients suffering from MS feel that their body is being held prisoner by some strange force. Their...

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