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Can Science Explain the New Star Wars Planet?

6 Feb 2018

Science fiction movies are usually a little more fiction than science, but you never know where you might catch a glimmer of the real world. For instance, take the bona fide space classic: Star...

Cell Phones and Wifi are Perfectly Safe

18 Jun 2017

The idea that cell phones, routers, wireless heart rate monitors, alarm clocks or pretty much any other electronic device will give you cancer is one of the most persistent fears around. The good...

Is It Really Dangerous to Use Your Phone on a Plane?

11 May 2017

The fear behind the rule of ‘no phones on planes’ is that portable electronic devices could potentially interfere via electromagnetic radiation with the measurement and navigation tools on board....

Time Conundrum

20 Mar 2017

I was fascinated by yesterdays announcement that "old light"
 revealed trace evidence in the background radiation of the earliest
  trillionth of a trillionth (and then some) of a second of the ...


20 Mar 2017

It seems hard to believe now, but in the 1930s a “miracle cure” which actually contained radioactive radium was widely promoted in North America by William J.A. Bailey, an ex auto-swindler....

This device causes water molecules to flip back and forth some 2.45 billion times a second. What is it?

20 Mar 2017

A microwave oven. Over 90% of North American homes have a microwave oven. These devices of course generate heat, but they also generate loads of controversy. However, there is no controversy about...

Microwave Fears

20 Mar 2017

I get all sorts of interesting questions. "How do you wash microwaves out of socks?" I didn't quite know what to make of this. Quickly, though, we established that the gentleman who posed the...

Is Food Irradiation Dangerous?

20 Mar 2017

Try asking people what they are more scared of, exposing food to nuclear radiation or eating food contaminated by E. coli, Listeria or Salmonella bacteria. It’s a safe bet that many would rather...


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