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Belief in Conspiracy Theories Is Probably Not Getting Worse Over Time

28 Jul 2022

A question I am often asked by journalists is if more people believe in conspiracy theories now than before. Sometimes, the question is not even asked; the answer is simply inferred. Of course they...

QAnon’s Adrenochrome Quackery

10 Feb 2022

“There’s only one source for this stuff, the adrenalin glands from a living human body.” That bit of misinformation found in Hunter. S Thompson’s 1971 psychedelic classic, “Fear and Loathing in Las...

Zen and the Art of Talking to Conspiracy Theorists

25 Feb 2021

Imagine if a close family member told you your romantic partner was a bad match for you. Not only is your loving partner being criticized, but you feel personally attacked as well. If your relative...

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