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Aspirin Can Do More Than just Alleviate Pain

8 Nov 2018

It is a common misconception that aspirin is a naturally occurring substance that was discovered in the bark of the willow tree. A related compound called salicin does indeed occur in white willow...

Why do I get a jolt of pain every time I chew on a piece of aluminum foil?

8 Nov 2018

The common link among those who experience pain is that they have amalgam fillings. These are composed of a mixture of tiny particles of tin, silver and copper alloyed with mercury. Anyone who has...

Can we use eggshells to treat osteoarthritis?

17 May 2018

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Text Neck: Is the Epidemic Truly Over?

25 Jan 2018

You may have seen the headlines recently: “Text Neck Was Never a Real Epidemic” and more along those lines.

Can your joints really feel changes in the weather?

5 Dec 2017

We all know somebody who believes they can “feel” when the weather is going to change. Maybe it’s your co-worker calling for rain because an old sports injury has started to ache. Or your...

Cissus quadrangularis: the Fever Fighting, Pain Preventing, Diabetes Defeating Supplement?

14 Aug 2017

Cissus quadrangularis is a plant which belongs in the grape family, has red berries, and green or yellow flowers. Cissus quadrangularis is also the name slapped across a lot of supplements that...

Before ether was a potent painkiller, it was a hit with revellers

20 Mar 2017

The marble and granite statue in the Boston Common depicts a physician in medieval clothing holding a cloth next to the face of a man who seems to have passed out. An inscription on the base of the...