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Nail Polish that Smells like Cheese

9 Aug 2022

Food-scented beauty products first appeared in the late 1930s when customers were enticed by Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s clove-scented lipstick, Demeter’s pizza-scented perfume, and banana-scented...

What Makes the Perfect Polish?

13 Jul 2022

I got my nails done for my convocation ceremony. My friends and I were greeted with a number of options: basic, shellac, acrylic… not to mention the selection of colours we had to choose from as...

How do fake nails work?

22 Mar 2018

Fake nails come in two major varieties: acrylic and gel. Even this distinction, though, creates an element of confusion since both of these systems actually use acrylic products. All fake nail...

Acetone-free nail polish removers

20 May 2017

Some nail polish removers are advertised as containing no acetone. These products use ethyl acetate as the solvent because it has less of a tendency to dehydrate and discolour nails. Dehydration is...

Do discoloured nails mean something?

20 Mar 2017

Nail discolouration can signal disease. Abnormally white fingernails may be due to anemia or kidney problems, deep blue nail beds signal pulmonary obstruction or emphysema, and yellow nails, while...

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