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From the Earth to the Moon

25 Nov 2021

No, this story is not about space travel. It is about the naming of elements, specifically, selenium, discovered by the Swedish chemist Jons Jacob Berzelius in 1817. He named it after Selene, the...

Sunshine and Moonbeams

17 Dec 2020

When the imaginative little boy was asked in school to give an example of how heat makes things expand and cold causes them to contract, he authoritatively stated that in the summertime the days...

How Astrology Escaped the Pull of Science

9 Oct 2020

Astrology is a funny thing. After having put up with decades of scientific probing, it has retreated to the one area that shields it from a rational critique: mysticism. It may surprise us to learn...

Did You Know That Moon Dust Is Incredibly Toxic?

4 Oct 2018

There are no aliens on the moon, but that might not stop it from trying to kill us....

The Dark Side of the Moon

13 May 2017

While it makes for a great album title, the dark side of the moon is simply a myth. As the moon rotates around the Earth, and the Earth around the sun, the moon is exposed to the sun’s light just...

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