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Why Oh Why Do Scientists Keep Changing Their Minds?

11 Oct 2019

The report of “a new study” in the media is often followed by a comment on social media pointing out that scientists can’t seem to agree on anything. One week, meat consumption should be reduced;...

The History of Counterfeiting

15 Nov 2018

Counterfeiting of coins has a long history. No less a personage than Isaac Newton took this bull by the horns. Late in his career he became Master of the Mint and obsessed about counterfeiters. He...

Plastic Bank Notes

31 May 2017

First adopted in Australia in 1988, polymer banknotes have now become increasingly popular due to their improved security against counterfeiting and their enhanced durability. Many countries have...

Cancer Charlatans

20 Mar 2017

What makes people defend the indefensible? A prime example of this conundrum is the case of Antonella Carpenter, a 71 year old “alternative practitioner” who was convicted of conducting a...

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Sales Clerks and BPA

20 Mar 2017

The thermal printing paper that is commonly used for cash register receipts contains bisphenol A, the chemical that has generated a great deal of controversy because of concerns that it may have an...

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