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Belief in Conspiracy Theories Is Probably Not Getting Worse Over Time

28 Jul 2022

A question I am often asked by journalists is if more people believe in conspiracy theories now than before. Sometimes, the question is not even asked; the answer is simply inferred. Of course they...

Shedding Light on Illusionary Connections

7 Jan 2022

We may have left 2021 behind, but unfortunately, the misinformation that characterized the past year continues unabated. Betty White, comedienne extraordinaire, passed away on December 31, just...

Zen and the Art of Talking to Conspiracy Theorists

25 Feb 2021

Imagine if a close family member told you your romantic partner was a bad match for you. Not only is your loving partner being criticized, but you feel personally attacked as well. If your relative...

Tips for Better Thinking: Images Can Be Faked

12 Jan 2021

Faked photographs have been with us since the beginning of photography itself, but the wide availability of software and social media has made the creation and distribution of these visual...

The Doctor Carl Sagan Warned Us About

8 Jan 2021

Predictions made by psychics and astrologers tend to quickly fade from memory because of how wrong they often turn out to be, but one prediction made by Carl Sagan, an astrophysicist and famous...

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