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Is there any validity to the claim that some people are “human magnets,” with their bodies able to attract an assortment of objects?

24 Sep 2021

Leonid Tenkaev and his wife claim that the nuclear accident at Chernobyl in Ukraine transformed them into human magnets. Pictures of the couple show spoons, keys and even irons sticking to their...

This Paper Argues an Amulet May Protect from COVID. Should It Have Been Published?

5 Nov 2020

“It’s not a hoax! It’s not a hoax!” Dr. Moses Turkle Bility, assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh, told me over Zoom. And I believe him.

Encompassing Dogs

20 Mar 2017

Because my wife and I had a wonderful dog for nearly 9 years and since I give a lecture on human waste in our Environment course at McGill, I was most interested to see the article that is making...

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