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Taking a Bite Out of the Carnivore Diet

3 May 2024

Breakfast: Bacon with eggs  Lunch: Ground beef cooked in tallow  Dinner: Venison steak with a side of bone marrow 

We can (mostly) stop worrying about triglycerides

13 Jan 2023

This article was originally posted in the Montreal Gazette.

Do the holidays cause heart attacks?

23 Dec 2021

This article was first published in The Skeptical Inquirer

Can Avocados Lower My Cholesterol?

12 Feb 2020

There aren’t many well-done nutrition studies. Many studies are observational and rely on questionnaires to figure out what people eat. There are very few randomized trials because these are hard...

The Great Cholesterol Debate

5 Jul 2018

Before we can talk about cholesterol and how to measure it we need to get some things straight. Cholesterol is absolutely tied to heart disease even though convincing people of that fact has been...

Niacin Bites the Dust

20 Mar 2017

It's frustrating, but most scientific studies end with the line, "more research is needed." But not always. We have one of these rare cases in a study published in the New England Journal of...

Can nuts reduce your risks of heart disease?

20 Mar 2017

One third of North Americans may have high blood cholesterol levels. This of course puts them at an increased risk for heart disease, the number one killer in North America. But cholesterol can be...

Pomegranate Frenzy

20 Mar 2017

Get set for a pomegranate frenzy. That’s because a couple of studies have suggested the fruit may have a role in treating breast cancer and in lowering the risk of heart disease. By the time the...

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