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Cranberry Ups and Downs

24 Nov 2017

It used to be that when you mentioned “cranberries,” people thought of turkeys and their taste buds.  Today, they are as likely to think of their bladders because just about everyone has heard...

Cranberry Juice for UTIs

23 May 2017

Despite the common belief that cranberry juice or pills can prevent, or even cure, a urinary tract infection, science has determined that it actually had no effect. Some people believe that...

Orange juice follies

10 May 2017

The orange juice market is huge.  Unfortunately some processors try to cut corners by extending the juice with sugar, pulpwash and water.  But the ruse can be detected by some clever science. ...

Orange juice producer being squeezed

20 Mar 2017

We all have habits.  One of mine is to start every day with a glass of orange juice.  Freshly squeezed would be ideal, but frankly, too much of a bother.  So I go for the one that says “100% pure...

Is it true that cherry juice has health benefits?

20 Mar 2017

When I was young, the first official day of summer for me was not June 21st. It didn’t matter what the weather was, summer did not really begin until the day my mother made cold sour cherry soup...

Welch's Grape Juice

20 Feb 2017

Woodrow Wilson’s secretary of state, William Jennings Bryan, was ridiculed in 1913 for serving Welch’s grape juice instead of wine at a dinner honoring the British ambassador. This proved to be...

The Grapefruit-Drug Interaction

15 Feb 2017

As you might expect, the situation is more complicated than it first seems.

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